Atlanta Falcons given favorable matchup in week one

Carolina Panthers Rookie Minicamp
Carolina Panthers Rookie Minicamp / Jacob Kupferman/GettyImages

The Atlanta Falcons will have the chance to open the season up against rookie quarterback Bryce Young and the Carolina Panthers. It is a favorable matchup for Atlanta considering Young's inexperience and how Atlanta's rushing attack matches up against the Panthers.

Regardless of whether or not Young is the answer at the position long term, there will be early struggles. There are obvious durability concerns with Young, however, even if healthy it will take time for Young to adjust to this level.

Atlanta getting one of their matchups out of the way early is a clear advantage unless Young is an outlier at the position. While the same could be said of Desmond Ridder, Ridder has the advantage of four starts last season and an offense built to win based on running the ball.

It is a great chance to set the tone and an early opportunity to grab the division lead over who should be Atlanta's only potential challenge. Tampa is clearly giving up on the 2023 season and focused on a rebuild after three seasons with Tom Brady.

New Orleans will become a trendy pick due to the addition of Derek Carr and the weakness of the division. However, this is a roster and team that is going to take another step back and continue to struggle until they face the rebuild they have needed since Drew Brees retired.

Atlanta's week one matchup may not be a primetime or featured game but it is as important of a game on the schedule as there is. This isn't to say that week one is a must-win only that there won't be a more favorable matchup for Atlanta against the Panthers than week one against a rookie quarterback and a new coach still figuring out his roster. It is all perfectly set for Atlanta to claim an early division lead they shouldn't relinquish.