Grading a Falcons-Vikings trade that would reunite Justin Jefferson with Kirk Cousins

If this somehow came to fruition, boy oh boy...
Justin Jefferson, Kirk Cousins
Justin Jefferson, Kirk Cousins / Stephen Maturen/GettyImages

This offseason has been headlined by the quarterback position for the Atlanta Falcons, and for obvious reasons.

Signing Kirk Cousins to a 4-year deal worth $180 million was one way to garner some attention. But, following that up with selecting Michael Penix Jr. with the eighth pick in the 2024 NFL Draft took the national attention to a whole new level.

While Cousins comes into a great situation for his short-term future, the Falcons are obviously always looking for ways to add talent, regardless of position. And, another one of the dominating stories within the conference has to do with Cousins' former team, the Minnesota Vikings. With star receiver Justin Jefferson needing a new contract and no deal getting done yet, the speculation and rumors will not cease.

Over at Bleacher Report, Alex Ballentine recently penned a piece outlining a few potential Jefferson trades if he and the Vikings cannot come to an agreement. Naturally, one of those deals included the Falcons because of the Cousins connection.

This trade brings Justin Jefferson to the Falcons, and a Super Bowl would officially be within reach

Justin Jefferson trade

Ballentine wrote:

"The former Vikings quarterback has been the main man who has targeted Jefferson during the historic start to his career. It's been a mutually beneficial relationship too. Cousins had his best record as a starter (13-4) in the 2022 season when Jefferson was the Offensive Player of the Year with 128 receptions, 1,809 yards and eight touchdowns."

Falcons fans like Drake London, and with Cousins under center, he has the potential to become one of the top wideouts in the league, and quickly. However, the possibility of adding arguably the best non-quarterback in the game would be too great to pass up.

If, somehow, the Vikings were listening to offers for Jefferson, this would be a no-brainer for Atlanta. Jefferson is in a league of his own, by comparison. Bringing him back together with Cousins would take this Falcons roster a giant step closer to winning a Super Bowl, period.

With that said, how does the above deal look from a value standpoint? Let's grade it.

Look, letting go of a potential top-12 wide receiver along with a first-round pick isn't easy. But, it's Justin Jefferson we're talking about. The Falcons bring in arguably the best wide receiver in football, and onto one of the more well-rounded rosters in the league.

How can you grade this any other way?

Grade: A