Atlanta Falcons handling of Bijan Robinson's headache was strange

One of the early storylines for the Atlanta Falcons was Bijan Robinson's zero touches but at halftime we found out that he was "not feeling well" and the handling of his sickness was weird
Atlanta Falcons v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Atlanta Falcons v Tampa Bay Buccaneers / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages

We didn't see Bijan Robinson with the ball in his hands at all on Sunday against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. We didn't find out until halftime that Bijan "was not feeling well."

It made his absence of touches make a lot more sense, but even then, they were playing him at weird points in the game. It was a weird situation that was handled in a very strange way.

Bijan Robinson's headache handled strangely by Arthur Smith, Atlanta Falcons

Arthur Smith was not about to allow Bijan Robinson to have a 'Michael Jordan flu game' performance. Fans were questioning why he didn't see a single touch in the first half—later ending up with zero throughout the entire game—but we found out that he wasn't feeling well.

After the game, Bijan commented on the situation saying that he had a "bad headache." Clearly, having a migraine during a football game isn't exactly ideal and it makes sense that he didn't get the football.

However, why even risk him if you aren't going to give him the ball? Sure, he is a nice decoy but as soon as he steps between the endzones, he is in harm's way.

And then why was he the running back of choice on the final drive? That is the biggest question in my mind. Bijan has not been the greatest blocker, and even if he was why would you want a linebacker running full speed into him?

And using him as a decoy isn't a huge distraction to Tampa Bay. They knew he didn't have a single touch and knew there was a reason for them. Ridder wasn't going to throw it to him because, again, he had a headache. Even if he had 200 yards in the game I still think Tyler Allgeier or Cordarrelle Patterson should have been in there for extra protection for Ridder.


I don't know, it was all strange. The Falcons won so it doesn't matter too much anymore. Not to mention, it was nice to see Tyler Allgeier get in a rhythm and to see Cordarrelle Patterson get some carries.

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