Atlanta Falcons have a great second option behind Desmond Ridder

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Taylor Heinicke was the first to let Atlanta Falcons fans know that there wasn't a quarterback competition in Atlanta. Taylor signed with the Falcons knowing he was the backup and would be counted on to help guide Desmond Ridder.

This is the perfect approach one that is upfront and clear as to what Atlanta's goals are. The team isn't hosting a fake quarterback competition only to crown the player they wanted to start and evaluate all along.

Having Heinicke and Ridder start in defined roles works to the benefit of Ridder and the team while providing a reliable option if Desmond struggles. With the degree of difficulty that Ridder will be facing it would be surprising not to see the second-year quarterback thrive and lock down the starting job.

However, even in Arthur Smith's offense, Ridder is going to be under a lot of pressure early. If the pressure were to get to the second-year quarterback Atlanta should feel confident starting Taylor Heinicke.

With this roster and Arthur Smith's play-calling style the Falcons can make the playoffs with Taylor starting. Heinicke struggles to throw the deep ball but does well reading the opposing defense and creating space with his legs as needed.

With Taylor starting at quarterback this team can win double-digit games and make the playoffs. While that is likely the team's ceiling while Ridder's is unknown it is a great second option and one Atlanta has had for much of the last decade.

Having Matt Ryan at quarterback afforded Atlanta to save money with at the backup spot with Ryan rarely missing time and clearly being a franchise option. A quarterback that often wasn't given enough credit or appreciated enough.

With Ridder's ability and durability still unknown having Heinicke on the roster should give Atlanta fans faith in this team even if Ridder isn't the quarterback many believe him to be.