Atlanta Falcons head coach continues to defend forgetting Bijan Robinson

Minnesota Vikings v Atlanta Falcons
Minnesota Vikings v Atlanta Falcons / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages

After the Atlanta Falcons' unforgivable loss to the Vikings, a lot of the criticism and focus has been on Arthur Smith's usage of his stars. Whether it is using your perfect jump ball tight end to block or leaving Bijan Robinson on the sideline the frustration is at an all-time high.

With arguably the season on the line, Arthur Smith was yet again trying to outthink the room against the Vikings. Smith doubled down on his usage of Bijan Robinson and the "impact" the player has even when he doesn't have his hands on the football.

While there is truth in this statement does Arthur realize how Bijan could have even more of an impact? Atlanta Falcons fans saw what Robinson was capable of creating in week one against the Carolina Panthers. He took a pass with zero room in front of him and turned it into a score.

Yes, your best players have value as decoys but clearly even more valuable is actually making plays. Tyler Allgeier is a solid option but isn't close to Bijan's talent level or has his ability to create open space. Smith's comments and attempt to keep Robinson healthy throughout the season are beyond frustrating.

Are you keeping your running back healthy only to lean on him in those final four games when you're competing for the 10th or 11th draft pick? Atlanta didn't draft Bijan Robinson inside the top ten to be a decoy or simply a fifth or sixth option in this offense, and that is what he has been reduced to.

Your season is on the line on Sunday and arguably Smith's job, go back to the basics and simply give your best players the football. If your season and job are going to go down it is far easier to see it happen by handing the ball to Bijan twenty times or forcing it to Kyle Pitts and Drake London. This seems a simplistic and obvious strategy, one that Smith failed to employ last week preferring Jonnu Smith sweeps and designed plays to Tyler Allgeier. Will the head coach make adjustments with the season on the line?