Atlanta Falcons' highest-drafted player at each position

Looking at the highest-drafted player at every position for the Atlanta Falcons which includes a lot of top-ten picks
Michael Vick at NFL Draft 2001
Michael Vick at NFL Draft 2001 / Gabe Palacio/GettyImages
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The highest-drafted player at every position for the Atlanta Falcons

Let's tell it like it is, the Atlanta Falcons have had their fair share of high draft picks through the years. Nothing shows that more than the last three years; the Falcons have held a top-ten pick in three consecutive drafts.

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What this means is that they have drafted a number of different positions in the top ten, which you will see here as we look at the highest-drafted player at 16 individual positions. That will include the three notable special teams positions which is our starting point.

Atlanta Falcons' highest-drafted kicker, punter, and long snapper

K: 89th overall (Rd. 4) - Allan Leavitt, Georgia (1977)

P: 67th overall (Rd. 3) - Harold Alexander, App. State (1993)


Note to the Falcons: Please don't draft a punter or kicker unless it is the sixth or seventh round, it never works out.

Allan Leavitt literally did nothing for the Atlanta Falcons besides costing them a valuable draft pick. He only played in eight games and it was with a future division rival—the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He made ten kicks in the NFL, converting on just five.

As for Harold Alexander, he was able to play in some games for the team that drafted him. He punted for just two seasons and wasn't very good. Hey, at least the Falcons have been smart enough to never draft a long snapper.