Atlanta Falcons' highest-drafted player at each position

Looking at the highest-drafted player at every position for the Atlanta Falcons which includes a lot of top-ten picks
Michael Vick at NFL Draft 2001
Michael Vick at NFL Draft 2001 / Gabe Palacio/GettyImages
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Atlanta Falcons' highest-draft quarterback, running back, and fullback

QB: 1st overall - Steve Bartkowski, Cal (1975) *AND* Michael Vick, Virginia Tech (2001)

RB: 7th overall - Joe Profit, Lousiana-Monroe (1971)

FB: 65th overall (Rd. 5) - Bill Wolski, Notre Dame (1966)

The Atlanta Falcons certainly did not screw up with their two highest-drafted quarterbacks in franchise history. Steve Bartkowski was a good player and Michael Vick was a transcendent player before his troubles.

The same cannot be said for the two other players here. Joe Profit, who is unsurprisingly the highest-drafted player in the history of Warhawks' football, was a complete whiff. He played in just 15 games with the Falcons and didn't even break 200 rushing yards altogether. He went on the play with the Saints where he had almost 80 more rushing yards in eight games but that was the end of his career.

Bill Wolski only saw action in two games. Add fullback to the list of positions you probably shouldn't draft.