Atlanta Falcons' highest-drafted player at each position

Looking at the highest-drafted player at every position for the Atlanta Falcons which includes a lot of top-ten picks
Michael Vick at NFL Draft 2001
Michael Vick at NFL Draft 2001 / Gabe Palacio/GettyImages
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Atlanta Falcons' highest-drafted cornerback and safety

CB: 3rd overall - Bruce Pickens, Nebraska (1991)

S: 15th overall - Clarence Ellis, Notre Dame (1972)

Here are another two draft selections that were not great decisions for the Atlanta Falcons.

That is especially true for the highest-drafted cornerback, Bruce Pickens. The cornerback out of Nebraska made only eight starts and appeared in just 27 games through his two-and-a-quarter seasons with the Falcons.

Clarence Ellis wasn't quite as disappointing. He played in and started 41 games through three seasons and snagged eight interceptions with 114 yards off of those turnovers but that was the summary of his entire NFL career.

Ellis is also the third Notre Dame alum on this list.

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