Atlanta Falcons: Jeff Okudah carted off, could spell disaster

-Jeff Okudah went down with an injury in Friday's practice and was carted off the field

-If the injury is serious, it would be a disaster for the Atlanta Falcons

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The Atlanta Falcons were searching for a corner to line up opposite their star CB A.J. Terrell. They eventually set their sites on former third-overall pick, Jeff Okudah, and pulled off a trade to land the Lions CB.

Injuries have been a huge problem in Okudah's past and that could be an issue once again as he was carted off the field with a leg injury. If he is out for a sustained period, it would be a nightmare for the Falcons.

Atlanta Falcons CB Jeff Okudah goes down with injury, has to be carted off

After a season that saw the Atlanta Falcons lose A.J. Terrell to injury for a chunk of time and lose Casey Hayward—who they were counting on to be a steady presence opposite Terrell—the team was looking for any kind of stability at the position.

Jeff Okudah might not have been the best choice when it comes to stability but he was the most intriguing choice. His potential is through the roof so you can hardly blame the Falcons.

Okudah has struggled with injuries throughout the three seasons he has been in the NFL. And now, in Friday's practice, the talented cornerback went down with a leg injury that required him to be carted off.

This was the last thing any of us wanted to hear.

If you are looking for any good news there might be some. Hearing that it was his leg and not his knee or achilles might be a huge break. If you have followed football for any amount of time then you know that seeing a player go down while clutching his knee or the back of his ankle always makes you think the worst.

Hopefully, this is something that will heal prior to the season or within the first few weeks of the season. Losing him for an extended period of time would be a disaster since the Falcons don't have a proven option to replace him.