Atlanta Falcons: Kaleb McGary has become a liability again

Kaleb McGary did not have a good start to his career but he ended up having a breakout season for the Atlanta Falcons last season. Unfortunately, through the first three weeks of the 2023 season, he has reverted back to his uninspiring play

Cooper Neill/GettyImages

The Atlanta Falcons' offensive line had a breakout season last year. They were able to be a dominant unit when it came to run blocking and while they were not great in pass protection, they usually did just enough.

The Falcons essentially brought the four important guys back for 2023 and used their second-round pick to fortify the left guard position. Sadly, through the first three weeks of the season, many guys have regressed, and none more so than right tackle Kaleb McGary.

The Atlanta Falcons should be worried about their right tackle Kaleb McGary

Kaleb McGary has been a good run blocker throughout his career with the Atlanta Falcons and a bad pass blocker. One-dimensional players in the NFL are almost always liabilities. Sure, the Falcons are usually able to run the ball with great success but you still have to be able to pass the ball.

Passing the ball is nearly impossible when you have a struggling offensive tackle. It creates so many problems for everyone and we have seen that with a struggling Kaleb McGary.

McGary's feet are just too slow. How many times have we watched him get beat right around the corner?

Arthur Smith has occasionally put a tight end out on the right side to help him but it has created even bigger problems. At least twice this year, MyCole Pruitt has chipped the defensive end but he has chipped him to the outside which has played to McGary's biggest weakness.

It happened on one of the many key plays on Sunday. McGary's feet are just not quick enough to make up any ground on fast edge rushers. When you aren't quick enough on the outside, it will almost always result in your quarterback getting nailed or holding penalties.

McGary's inability to block on the edge has been the biggest liability for the passing game. Teams will continue to expose it and it is something the Falcons will have to try to cover up moving forward.

Even Vic Beasley would be able to get to Desmond Ridder if Kaleb McGary were the blocker.