Atlanta Falcons land defensive star in mock draft after Kirk Cousins signing

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Pick #8 Dallas Turner-EDGE

The only player on the board tempting for the Atlanta Falcons is one of the top three edge rushers or Brock Bowers. Common sense wins out here and the Falcons go with Dallas Turner. There are unique arguments for each of the top three edge rushers in this draft. Any of the three could be the 8th overall pick with fans perhaps disagreeing which one but for the most part understanding the need at the position.

Dallas Turner is a top-ten pick in this draft and a great fit for Raheem Morris and a defense that needs desperately needs edge help.

Pick #43 Ladd McConkey-WR

If Ladd McConkey is still on the board at this point of the draft it would be shocking. His ability as a route runner and speed are going to make him a borderline day-one pick. If, however, he were to slip to this point the Falcons should make the pick without hesitation.

You would have a complete receiver group and enough speed to put pressure on any defense. Zac Robinson is going to utilize the receiver position far more often than many offensive coordinators. Atlanta needs 3-4 capable contributors. If they don't believe Rondale Moore is going to be a meaningful contributor this is a huge depth move as well.