Atlanta Falcons land quarterback of the future in first mock draft

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After the Atlanta Falcons handed the Carolina Panthers their second win of the year it is officially mock draft season. This is a team that isn't yet officially eliminated but should be and deserves to be sitting at home in January yet again.

The biggest story of the off-season for the Falcons is going to be where they go to find a quarterback. There are two players possibly on the market in Kirk Cousins and Justin Fields that are interesting fits. If, however, the Falcons are unable to land either they will likely look to the draft and a possible trade-up depending on their final record.

Atlanta has needs at edge rusher, receiver, and defensive tackle as well. The Falcons have the cap space to chase a top quarterback but the easiest path might be to draft a starter and use the saved cap space on building out the roster. This defense is a piece or two away from being a great unit. This Atlanta team was a playoff roster with anything close to capable quarterback play. Atlanta can address that need in the draft and look to finish building out a roster that is already playing for next season despite the step forward in talent. With this in mind, let's take a look at Atlanta's first move in this mock.