Atlanta Falcons land quarterback of the future in first mock draft

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Atlanta Falcons trade up with Chicago for Pick #5

If you want to pick your quarterback Atlanta is going to have to trade up within the top 8. Right now, the Falcons hold the 10th pick they trade this pick, a third, and next year's first to move up five spots. This trade price might be light considering the blockbuster deals we have watched over the past few seasons to move up to take a quarterback.

Atlanta is going to have to be willing to spend for a quarterback this off-season. Whether it is in free agency or a draft day trade. Sitting back and taking the cheap options in Marcus Mariota or Desmond Ridder has clearly failed.

Pick #5 LSU Quarterback Jayden Daniels

Jayden Daniels in truth could be off the board within the top three picks. If that is the case, Atlanta is going to have to hope they can land a quarterback via trade or free agency. For this mock, however, Atlanta gets their quarterback of the future spending a future first for the chance to draft him.

Daniels has two main concerns, that his improving his accuracy on short passes and choosing his spots to take hits. Both are simple coaching adjustments that can be fixed for a quarterback who is exactly the prototype for today's franchise guy.

Jayden is elite at creating plays out of nothing and using his feet to buy time outside the pocket or to put pressure on the defense. Daniels has also proven himself capable of making every throw you want to see from a young quarterback. Jayden Daniels is the perfect fit for the Falcons and would push this team back into respectability.