Atlanta Falcons land surprising weapon in all offensive mock draft

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The idea of an all-offensive Atlanta Falcons mock draft is obviously ignoring reality. It is an exercise in "what if" understanding it is without foundation. The Falcons' focus is going to be on adding an edge rusher and depth in the secondary. While the team is likely going to add offensive pieces they shouldn't take an offensive player within the first round of this year's draft.

Atlanta's strategy in this draft was simple who do they believe is the best offensive player on the board? This is ignoring positions and simply focusing on the best player. The draft predictably started with three quarterbacks coming off the board giving the Falcons a chance to find a surprise fit.

Pick #8 Joe Alt

This pick is a real consideration even if the Falcons weren't limited to offense only. It took a trade-up for J.J. McCarthy and a surprise selection of Dallas Turner to give Atlanta the chance to make the selection. It was a shocking fall that left Atlanta with only one choice.

Both your tackles are facing clear questions and Joe Alt is as safe of a pick as you can have in this draft. Joe Alt is the only decision here unless the Falcons are willing to trade down.