Atlanta Falcons land surprising weapon in all offensive mock draft

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Pick #79 Christian Mahogany

When you are limited to offensive players only you have the luxury of adding depth pieces like Christian. The Falcons are locked in at guard with Matthew Bergeron playing well on a rookie contract and Chris Lindstrom recently extended.

However, being prepared for injuries is important and this is exactly what this pick is about. In reality, the Falcons will still be looking for a contributor at this stage of the draft. Despite how nice it would be to have the luxury of the depth that Mahogany would bring.

Pick #109 Braelon Allen

Allen's athleticism is a great fit as a depth piece in Robinson's system. Yes, you have Tyler Allgeier and Bijan Robinson as your starting options. As Allgeier is a perfect example of, however, you should select a back in nearly every draft. Give yourself the cheap depth and the chance to find a surprise contributor.

Allen's role on this team is as the third back and making an already strong position better.

Pick #143 Luke McCaffrey

The third receiver the Falcons take in this draft fixes the position and gives the Falcons a chance to find a surprise contributor. Atlanta will have to make at least one surprise cut with this many options on the roster but it is a welcome problem.