Atlanta Falcons land surprising weapon in all offensive mock draft

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Pick #187 Sam Hartman

The quarterback position is one we know that Terry Fontenot and Raheem Morris want to address in this draft. But even with that in mind and in an all-offensive draft, the right pick never seemed to fall their way. Whether it was reaching for Pratt, Rattler, or Nix there just wasn't a great fit for the Falcons in this mock.

Their best selection wound up being Sam Hartman. Hartman has a lot in his game that is going to be cleaned up at the next level. The most obvious is that he is going to have to learn he cannot outrun the defense and play out of the pocket as often as he did in college. His speed isn't going to allow this to happen as often. If he can make that adjustment and develop as a pocket passer he could be a surprise long-term backup option.

Pick #197 Tip Reiman

It is fair to debate whether or not Tip could make the roster with the current tight-end depth chart. However, it is the best fit at this stage of the draft and gives the Falcons a piece that could develop into a contributor.