Atlanta Falcons legend Deion Sanders just put College Football on notice

Atlanta Falcons legendary player and icon Deion Sanders made his debut as the Colorado Buffaloes' head coach on Saturday and made the biggest statement he could have ever made
Colorado v TCU
Colorado v TCU / Ron Jenkins/GettyImages

Wow, just wow... I don't know what I just watched on Saturday.

Former Atlanta Falcons' cornerback and Pro Football Hall of Famer, Deion Sanders, made his debut as a Power Five head coach and he did not disappoint at all. All things considered, that was one of the greatest football games we have ever seen, all thanks to 'Primetime.'

Atlanta Falcons legend Deion Sanders is as good of a coach as he was a player

It isn't often in sports that you find a player who is the consensus best player ever at their position. Generally, Tom Brady is that at quarterback, Jerry Rice is that at wide receiver, and former Atlanta Falcons draft pick and star, Deion Sanders, is that at cornerback.

Deion is also considered, along with Bo Jackson, to be one of the most athletically gifted person in the history of sports.

Safe to say, it seemed like Deion had done it all by the time he retired for a second time in 2006. However, we were wrong as he went on to eventually become the head coach of Jackson State and he immediately turned them into a powerhouse.

And then a number of months ago he decided to move to Colorado to become the head coach of the Buffaloes—a team that had just one win last year.

Sanders almost entirely flipped that roster, brought in his sons, and brought along the number-one recruit to Colorado. The hype and pressure were building rapidly.

Colorado's first game of the Deion Sanders era was against TCU, a team that played in the National Championship at the beginning of the year.

Let's see, a one-win team going up against a program that was only outdone by Georgia last year—seems unfair.

Well, apparently, the only thing unfair is having Primetime as your head coach because he guided his team (who were 20-plus point underdogs) into the state of Texas and left with a stunning win.

Oh, and not only did they win but Shadeur Sanders (Deion's son) threw for over 500 yards, four touchdowns, and had just 9 incompletions. And the No. 1 recruit, Travis Hunter, made play after play on both offense AND defense. Hunter had over 100 yards receiving and made a touchdown-saving tackle that turned into a game-saving interception on an incredible play by him.

That dude is ridiculous. Somehow he has overshadowed Deion's biological son who threw for over 500 yards in his debut.

Having spent a lot of time watching MLB superstar, Shohei Ohtani, in awe, I have heard something along the lines of "Shohei is the equivalent of someone being the best wide receiver and best cornerback on their team" a million times. I always thought that that would always be a made-up comparison but it just happened in front of our eyes.

Those players were extraordinary but what was most impressive was how well-coached Deion's team was. It is rare to see a team that visibly looks like a well-coached team since players usually steal the spotlight but that is what Colorado looked like.

Deion is just unstoppable in everything he does and what is so great about it is how he is doing it. He is one of the most humble people out there and he spends all of his time uplifting his players. There is no yelling and screaming at these kids; he is treating these players like they are all what Shadeur Sanders is quite literally, his own kid.

I know we are only one game into the former Falcons' Colorado tenure but it is hard not to get excited about what he is doing. So glad he played for the Falcons.