Atlanta Falcons legend Julio Jones signing with Super Bowl contender

Julio Jones had an incredible career with the Atlanta Falcons and now he is hoping to continue his career with a team that has Super Bowl aspirations
Denver Broncos v Atlanta Falcons
Denver Broncos v Atlanta Falcons / Kevin C. Cox/GettyImages

Julio Jones has had a tough go of it after his departure from the Atlanta Falcons. His injury woes followed him to the Tennessee Titans and then to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. It was unsure if he would ever play again but it looks like he will take the field again.

The Falcons legend is signing with the Philadelphia Eagles and reuniting with his biggest fan, A.J. Brown.

Falcons legend Julio Jones signing with the Philadelphia Eagles

When Julio Jones stated on live TV that he wanted to be traded from the Atlanta Falcons back in 2021, there was one player who wanted to be his teammate more than anyone. A.J. Brown made it known that he wanted to play alongside his favorite player and that dream ended up coming to fruition.

However, Julio hardly played next to him due to injuries and after the Titans released him the next offseason, Julio eventually signed with the Buccaneers to play with Tom Brady.

Obviously, things did not exactly work out there either as he battled injuries and his team was booted from the playoffs as soon as they took the field.

Since then, unsurprisingly, Julio Jones has been radio silent. No one knew if we would ever see him on the field again but apparently Julio was looking to latch on with another team with Super Bowl aspirations.

This was just about the last thing that any of us expected to hear on this Tuesday evening. Julio will be linking back up with A.J. Brown along with some other ex-Alabama players DeVonta Smith and Jalen Hurts. He also gets to play for the team that he routinely destroyed as a member of the Falcons.

This signing makes too much sense when you look at all the connections.

It is shocking to see him back after some tough seasons. I personally was expecting to never hear from him again. He isn't someone who demands attention and he isn't one to get involved with football when he isn't playing.

Hopefully, this will result in Julio finally getting the ring he deserves. He should already have one right now after he made the most incredible catch in Super Bowl history.

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