Atlanta Falcons legend Matt Ryan remains a free agent

New Orleans Saints v Atlanta Falcons
New Orleans Saints v Atlanta Falcons / Todd Kirkland/GettyImages

Former Atlanta Falcons MVP remains in free agency as one of the top quarterbacks still on the market. It is fair to wonder at this point if we have seen Ryan as a starter in this league for the final time? Taking it a step further looking at the beating Atlanta and Indy allowed the veteran to take over the last two years retiring has to be a consideration for the aging veteran.

Arizona is the only clear team that is lacking a starter while the rest of the league already has both starters and backups locked in. Carson Wentz and Matt Ryan are the two biggest quarterback dominoes left to fall. The only scenario one can see either player getting a starting job that sets them up for success is if Brock Purdy isn't ready to start the season and the team doesn't trust Sam Darnold.

These are obvious straws to grasp at attempting to create an ideal scenario for the Atlanta legend. It is obvious that Ryan's best seasons are behind him and the Falcons moving on was the right decision though perhaps at the wrong time. Spending one more season with Ryan before moving on should have been a consideration over turning to Marcus Mariota who consistently cost Atlanta games.

If this is the end for Ryan there should be zero question the veteran retires as a future Hall of Famer. With top ten passing numbers in nearly every major category, an MVP, and lifting a historically lost franchise into relevance consistently should be more than enough to make Ryan's case.

It is hard to imagine what the quarterback could have accomplished in his prime had he been given a consistently capable defense or good offensive lines. While Ryan sporadically had both it was rare and far between. Matt Ryan's greatness is easily forgotten as it appears this could be the end for a veteran who means a lot to the city of Atlanta.