Atlanta Falcons legend names most memorable rivals in Super Bowl presser

Jacksonville Jaguars v Houston Texans
Jacksonville Jaguars v Houston Texans / Logan Riely/GettyImages

Matt Ryan joined Super Bowl Media Week speaking with Fansided in support of the Ice Bucket Challenge and previewing Super Bowl Week. While Ryan didn't offer much insight on the current iteration of the Falcons fans were given some insight on who Ryan believed was his biggest challenge in the NFC South.

Falcons fans won't be surprised that it was Cam Jordan that first came to Ryan's head. The Falcons and Saints had a heated rivalry during Ryan's best seasons and far too often it was Jordan getting the better of the veteran quarterback.

Jordan remains one of the Falcons' hated rivals and Ryan's buying into it is just a small piece of what made him such a great franchise quarterback. Ryan paid respect to former Carolina linebacker Luke Kuechly and Tampa's Lavonte David. Matt pointed out Luke's tendency to point out Atlanta's plays and be spot-on about what was coming.

All three division rivals named perfectly fit Ryan's era and were the most consistently impactful defensive players within the NFC South.

Ryan offered some thoughts on this year's Super Bowl starting quarterbacks as well pointing out for Brock Purdy how much poise he has and an overlooked competitiveness. Ryan followed this up by calling "Mahomes" a winner giving a glowing response to the quarterback's greatness.

Matt followed this up commenting on how the Chiefs DC might attempt to slow the 49ers. The obvious answer from Ryan was to slow the run game take that away from San Francisco and find ways to hit Brock Purdy knocking him off his game.

Taking this a step further when asked who in today's game compared to his, Ryan named Brock Purdy and Tua Tagovailoa. Two interesting comparisons for the CBS broadcaster and Atlanta legend.

Matt Ryan participated in this Super Bowl Media Week interview on behalf of the Ice Bucket Challenge