Atlanta Falcons loss to Carolina Panthers resulted in a wasted season

Atlanta Falcons v Carolina Panthers
Atlanta Falcons v Carolina Panthers / Jared C. Tilton/GettyImages

The Atlanta Falcons were defeated by the Carolina Panthers 9-7 on December 17th, 2023. As a result the falcons record is at 6-9 and now in 3rd place in the NFC south. 

The Falcons offense couldn’t get going as they only tallied 204 yards, 2 turnovers and only 1 touchdown according to stats. Quarterback Desmond Ridder was 12\20 for 152 pass yards and 1 touchdown according to ESPN stats. But on the game winning drive quarterback Desmond Ridder threw what a lot of fans thought was an egregious interception that ended the game and eventually gave the panthers a win.

The Falcons benched Desmond Ridder for Taylor Heinicke for the second time this season. The Falcons offense offense looked good in the first drive against the New Orleans Saints with a good combination of run pass option plays and screens. But overall during the season the Falcons offense has been stagnant no matter who was under center. 1st round draft pick Bijan Robinson’s production had been underwhelming with many starting to question this decision by the Falcons as well.

Despite what the Falcons put on tape vs. the Bears their defense has often carried the team this season. They have been given every chance to turn around the year and losing to the one-win Panthers was the defining moment of their season. While there is still a slim chance at Atlanta slipping into the playoffs it remains an extremely long shot.

Head coach Arthur Smith should be on the hot seat. Many Falcons fans have stated that they want coach smith relieved of his duties. Some fans may even think that the loss against the Panthers was unacceptable and Smith shold have been fired after the game. This is understandable given that the Panthers have only won 2 games this season. Falcons fans are trying to figure what the problem for this franchise with the head coach and both quarterbacks catching the most heat.