Atlanta Falcons make blockbuster trade to land quarterback in mock draft

NFL Combine
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Round 1-Pick #1 Caleb Williams

It seems that many enjoy tearing the USC quarterback down pointing to his sideline tears or college losses as reasons he will be a bust. Any unbiased amateur who watches film on Caleb Williams is going to see the reasons he will be the first quarterback off the board in this draft.

While Caleb is likely to be a Chicago Bear in this scenario the Falcons make Chicago an offer they can't refuse and get their quarterback of the future. The only hesitation they should have is if they believe Jayden Daniels will develop as a passer at the next level. He is electric with the ball in his hands but if Atlanta gives up a king's ransom to move up they need to make the safe move and that is Caleb Williams.

Williams is going to have his moments as all rookies do but he is a day one NFL starter and with Atlanta's weapons would make them a playoff contender. Any move that is clearly in front of the Falcons is simply a short term answer with obvious issues. Atlanta forgoes these and pays what it takes to land their next franchise quarterback.