Atlanta Falcons make unrealistic decision in 2025 mock draft

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ESPN's latest mock draft has the Atlanta Falcons making an unrealistic decision. Atlanta is projected to have the 22nd pick and select edge rusher JT Tuimoloau from Ohio State. The pick is a clear fit and was highlighted by taking a look at Atlanta's poor pass-rushing numbers.

Number Atlanta was fully aware of heading into this offseason and opted to let Bud Dupree and Calais Campbell walk away without viable replacements. They knew this going into the 2024 NFL Draft and opted to spend the 8th overall pick on a bench player and ignore the position early on day two as well.

Atlanta spending a first-round pick on an edge rusher seems far-fetched. This after watching the team select Kyle Pitts, Drake London, Bijan Robinson, and Michael Penix Jr. over the last four seasons. Every year the edge rusher position was first or second on the priority list.

The Atlanta Falcons making the obvious selection isn't on brand for an organization allergic to adding pass rush help

Despite the need, Atlanta ignores the position in favor of adding a new weapon or a more interesting story. Why would this approach suddenly change in the 2025 offseason? Relying on the Falcons to make the obvious decision is misguided at best.

Their recent history tells you until there is a leadership change or major consequences the approach to the position is unlikely to be altered. Atlanta's desperation to add a pass rusher isn't a new story and has followed the franchise for much of the last decade.

Poor defensive units and an inability to get consistent pressure often defined defenses of Matt Ryan's era. Since Ryan was forced out, the team hasn't gotten any better at finding a capable pass rush. Their one meaningful addition this offseason has been rookie Bralen Trice.

This is despite having added Kirk Cousins and attempting to make a playoff push. It is all of this that makes the selection of an edge rusher in next year's first-round feel unlikely. JT would be a great fit for Atlanta, however, it just doesn't seem on brand for an organization that continues to ignore the position.