Atlanta Falcons making shocking decision with 8th overall pick

2024 NFL Draft - Round 1
2024 NFL Draft - Round 1 / Gregory Shamus/GettyImages

The Atlanta Falcons made the first shocking decision of the 2024 NFL Draft taking Michael Penix Jr. with the 8th overall pick. It was a shocking decision that ignored the needs at edge and didn't add another weapon for the veteran quarterback you just signed.

Penix Jr. is an odd decision with the 8th overall pick when you paid Kirk Cousins for at least two years. Cousins is going to be the Falcons starter according to his huge cap hit for at least two years. This buys you plenty of time to find the right fit at the position.

Now was the time to add a player who can start and make an impact from day one for your team. The only way that happens for Penix is if Cousins isn't ready to go. That begs the question of why Atlanta would sign Cousins to such a healthy deal?

If Cousins is going to be ready, why are you spending the pick on Penix Jr. hoping he never has to play? If he does play and plays at a high level why did you sign Cousins? You are working against yourself without fixing all of the holes on your roster.

Pass rusher, offensive line, defensive line, receiver, and corner all would have made far more sense for the franchise. This isn't to say that Michael Penix Jr. cannot play or be a starting quarterback at this level.

But rather, you already have filled the position and spent a lot to do so. Choosing to spend your first-rounder on the same position is confounding for a franchise that hhasad been pushing all of the right buttons this offseason.

The Falcons still have a myriad of questions to answer on defense and now have created those same questions for their offense. Michael Penix Jr. is a step up from last year's surprise pick of Bijan Robinson.