Atlanta Falcons must sweep New Orleans to claim all-time record

New Orleans Saints Introduce Quarterback Derek Carr
New Orleans Saints Introduce Quarterback Derek Carr / Sean Gardner/GettyImages

Any Atlanta Falcons fan won't hesitate when asked who the most hated rival of Atlanta is with the only acceptable answer being the New Orleans Saints. Sure there was an extra disdain for the Bucs over the last two seasons after teaming up with Tom Brady, however, even this doesn't come close to the hate for the Saints.

New Orleans got the better of Atlanta far too often over the last decade with Sean Payton and Drew Brees often leading the Saints to the playoffs. The team's recent surge and Atlanta's struggles have left the all-time record of head-to-head matchups at 54-54.

While Atlanta holds the postseason record, largest victory, and longest win streak the Saints have a three-game win streak to tie the record. While the Falcons obviously have higher goals than the all-time record vs. their division rival this season this makes both games against the Saints must wins when it comes to bragging rights for Atlanta fans.

The Falcons have more recent postseason success but the Saints have a Super Bowl win and have gone 17-9 against the Falcons in their last 26 matchups. For far too long the Saints have consistently won the division rivalry something Atlanta must change with a superior roster, head coach, offensive line, and rushing attack.

Atlanta can't simply even the record splitting with New Orleans this season but needs to take advantage of a team that continues to get worse each season they are without Brees and Payton. This is Atlanta's window to dominate a team that far too often got the best of Matt Ryan and the Falcons over the last decade.

Going 2-0 against the Saints isn't a must when you consider the ease of Atlanta's schedule, however, it is clear when it comes to bragging rights both matchups against New Orleans carry a little extra weight this season.