Atlanta Falcons need very little from Desmond Ridder to make the playoffs

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Atlanta Falcons
Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Atlanta Falcons / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

After the Atlanta Falcons draft class and free agent additions have all been added it becomes clear that this team should be a playoff team in the 2023 season. They will fall in the 9-12 win ranges reliant completely on how Desmond Ridder develops and whether or not he is the answer at the position.

The road for a quarterback in this league isn't going to get any easier. The Falcons play a last-place schedule in the worst division in a weak NFC. The Saints and Bucs are clearly in need of rebuilds and have very real coaching questions while the Panthers have a rookie quarterback and will deal with the loss of their two-star players.

Ridder's path to success this season is simply going to be making open throws and executing Arthur Smith's quarterback-friendly offense. Even at the end of last season, Ridder was asked to do more based on the loss of Kyle Pitts and Atlanta attempting to evaluate the quarterback.

Ridder's role is going to be very similar to what the 49ers had Jimmy G. do in their successful playoff runs executing limited throws completely relying on the running attack and defense.

Atlanta has three legitimate starting running backs on their roster and a possible star in Bijan Robinson. The combination of the three players will make the Falcons the best rushing attack in the league and leave very little pressure on Ridder.

While this is likely how the season will play out there will be times due to the situation or defense Atlanta is facing Ridder is going to have to prove he can beat a defense daring Atlanta to throw. Something Mariota was unable to do consistently in the 2022 season. That is the bar for Ridder and all the second-year player needs to do to help Atlanta return to the playoffs for the first time in half a decade.