Atlanta Falcons offense clearly has one clear fix in week 11

New Orleans Saints v Atlanta Falcons
New Orleans Saints v Atlanta Falcons / Todd Kirkland/GettyImages

Since hiring Arthur Smith the Atlanta Falcons have had four starting quarterbacks Matt Ryan, Marcus Mariota, Desmond Ridder, and Taylor Heinicke. The one consistent factor for all four quarterbacks is playing far below expectations. While Mariota, Ridder, and Heinicke were all given heat due to their lack of talent to play the position often the problem has been Smith.

This isn't to say that Heinicke or Mariota were ever long-term answers or great starters. However, both with the Raiders and Titans Mariota was a far better player than he was in Atlanta. Heinicke had his turnover issues with Washington but was a more capable starter there as well compared to what Atlanta has watched.

Matt Ryan is the most glaring example when you consider it was the veteran's worst season of his career. Arthur Smith and the Falcons didn't give Ryan any help at receiver and allowed the veteran to take punishment behind a terrible offensive line. Two things can be true, it was time to turn the page from Ryan and the veteran was still far better than what showed up on the field.

Desmond Ridder fits into this picture as well from his very first start. Arthur Smith didn't call easy short passes to get Ridder to settle in. The way that Arthur has called the game from the start sets Ridder up for failure.

Four very different quarterbacks in three seasons and the one consistent has been Arthur Smith's offense setting them up to deliver far below expectations. While none of the four quarterbacks were likely long-term solutions, all are more talented than what Smith's offense has shown and clearly illustrated the need for a change at the head coach position.

As long as Arthur Smith is calling this offense the Atlanta Falcons cannot be considered a serious team. Smith's lack of ability to adjust and feed his star players is receiving the heat it deserves. Barring a shocking adjustment in how the head coach calls plays the season is over and with it should be his tenure with the Falcons.