Atlanta Falcons officially fire head coach Arthur Smith

The Atlanta Falcons have pulled the plug on Arthur Smith after three years of 7-10 seasons. Falcons will begin offseason by searching for a new head coach.

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I think we all expected it but the Atlanta Falcons have officially fired head coach Arthur Smith after another tough season for the team.

Smith leaves the Falcons having led them to three 7-10 seasons and three eighth-overall picks. For owner Arthur Blank, he just didn't see the improvement from this team that he was expecting.

Atlanta Falcons fire head coach Arthur Smith after three seasons

Seeing anyone get fired is not fun but that is part of life and certainly part of the NFL. The Atlanta Falcons had some fun moments under Arthur Smith but, ultimately, the bad moments significantly outweighed the good.

Arthur Blank has officially fired Arthur Smith and will begin his search for a new head coach.

This was the best decision for the franchise. Three straight 7-10 seasons is unacceptable and there was little reason to believe things would have changed in year four. Arthur Blank made it clear from the start of the season that he was looking for improvement from this team and that was anything but the case.

Now, he will search for another head coach with the help of Rich McKay and the input of retained general manager Terry Fontenot. Fontenot, if you remember, was hired after Arthur Smith so this will be Fontenot's first time in this position.

All in all, Smith went 21-30 in three seasons with the Falcons and never led them to the playoffs. He had every chance to prove he was the right guy and simply was not able to.

Certainly, a new head coach will be thrilled to take over this team. He will have a defense that, for the most part, played extremely well, an offense that has a cohesive offensive line and generational playmakers, and the eighth-overall pick to go find a franchise quarterback in a stacked QB draft class. The team will also have money to play around in free agency.

Hopefully, this move will work out for the best for both the Falcons and Arthur Smith who will certainly find another job.

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