Atlanta Falcons opt to honor Matt Ryan in fittingly ironic way

Detroit Lions v Atlanta Falcons
Detroit Lions v Atlanta Falcons / Todd Kirkland/GettyImages

The Atlanta Falcons brought in Matt Ryan this week to speak to the team about what it means to be a Falcon. Ryan's speech was exactly what you would expect from the Atlanta legend. Raheem Morris ended the moment with the announcement, that Ryan would be put into the Falcons Ring of Honor.

It is a well-deserved honor for the greatest Falcon in the history of the franchise. Without the Matt Ryan era, how many winning seasons does the franchise have? The quarterback did a lot of the heavy lifting for the franchise for over a decade and is being given a well-deserved honor.

However, it is impossible to ignore the oddity of choosing to induct Matt Ryan alongside Arthur Blank. The Atlanta owner is often pointed out as the reason for Atlanta's ill-advised attempt to land Deshaun Watson. Blank was defensive over the attempted move that didn't work out simply because the Falcons were outbid by the Cleveland Browns.

This was THE decision that pushed Matt Ryan out of Atlanta and all but ended his historic career. Atlanta choosing to make this move after what they put Ryan through in the 2021 season was the height of football villainy.

The Atlanta Falcons will honor Matt Ryan and the owner who helped push the franchise star out the backdoor

As a reminder, the 2021 season was the year Atlanta had zero help at receiver and attempted to pass block with Jalen Mayfield in the starting lineup. Ryan was running for his life with very little chance of finding an open receiver. It is a completely fair take to believe the amount of hits and punishment Ryan took that season helped lead to the end of his career.

In many ways, it was a fitting end for a player that had long elevated a franchise that couldn't get anything right. Yes, Ryan played with some elite weapons and did have a number of solid offensive lines. However, this is offset by the defenses and coaching staffs Ryan was consistently given.

The veteran quarterback being honored alongside an owner who helped push him out is ironic. Atlanta earned every bit of the misery they were given for two seasons with Marcus Mariota and Desmond Ridder under center. The decision to chase Watson and move on from Ryan cost the team just as it should have.

Ryan's legacy outside of Atlanta is going to remain mixed due to the playoff results. For those who understand what the veteran meant to this historically cursed franchise, this is a well-deserved if not a bit ironic of a move. One that will highlight the greatest Falcon to ever step between the lines.