Atlanta Falcons pass rush perfectly set up for a week 1 statement

Carolina Panthers v New York Giants
Carolina Panthers v New York Giants / Rich Schultz/GettyImages

It is hard to find a better setup for the Atlanta Falcons' rebuilt pass rush and defensive interior than they will have in week one against the Carolina Panthers. Those that have watched Carolina in the preseason know the biggest concern for the team is a struggling pass protection unit that has left Bryce Young without the needed time to show his ability at this level.

The most impressive Bryce Young highlights have been through the preseason have been the quarterback running for his life or taking a hit while getting rid of the football. Atlanta Falcons fans are quickly going to be given an idea of whether or not this is a capable pass rush.

It has become clear throughout camp and the preseason that the biggest concerns for the Carolina Panthers are depth in the secondary and their pass protection for Bryce Young. Young isn't built to take consistent NFL punishment already with a history of injuries in front of a great line in college.

Bryce is going to have to quickly learn to protect himself and often if the first read isn't there simply to unload the ball.

Atlanta's pass rush is going to have a chance to get off to a hot start and set the tone for what should be a greatly improved defense this season. For the Falcons the obvious concern is depth in the secondary as well with injuries to Jeff Okudah and Mike Hughes leaving reason for concern heading into the early weeks of the season.

Atlanta should be the favorites in this game based on the questions facing the offensive line and how reliant this team's success will be on Bryce Young. This isn't to say that Carolina won't figure it out as they are the clearest threat along with Atlanta to win the NFC South. But rather pointing out in game one for a rookie quarterback behind a leaky offensive line has perfectly set up a statement game for Atlanta's defensive line and there will be some cause for concern if they don't deliver.