5 perfect coaching replacements for Arthur Smith

Atlanta Falcons, Arthur Smith
Atlanta Falcons, Arthur Smith / Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports
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5. Frank Smith, Offensive Coordinator, Miami Dolphins

Finally, let's look at the NFL's no. 1 overall offense in terms of yardage. The Miami Dolphins also finished no. 1 in passing, no. 2 in scoring, and no. 6 in rushing on the year. They also led the league in yards per rush with 5.1.

The Dolphins' offense starts with Mike McDaniel, but those who have been tracking offensive coordinator Frank Smith know that he's been destined for a head coaching gig for a little while now. He is as bright of an offensive mind as there is, and after learning even more under McDaniel, he is ready to take the plunge.

Miami's weapons are, of course, different than Atlanta's. The Falcons don't have the speed at wide receiver that Miami has, but then again, nobody does. However, if you look at the back field, Miami has explosiveness and remained committed to the run all year long. I'd assume the Falcons would continue to do the same under Smith, while he schemes up a different offense for guys like London and Pitts to get in on the action.

We also don't know what else the Falcons will do on offense this offseason. If they add a little more speed, then Smith could be an even more perfect fit.