2 Falcons players who shouldn't be back in 2024, and 2 that should

Atlanta Falcons, Jeff Okudah
Atlanta Falcons, Jeff Okudah / Al Pereira/GettyImages
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This offseason, the Atlanta Falcons have several intriguing possibilities ahead of them.

Overall, this roster is more competitive than it might seem for a team that ended with the no. 8 overall pick in the 2024 NFL Draft. Now, that pick, in and of itself, could be an asset to watch this offseason.

There are some key positions the Falcons need to upgrade this offseason and some decisions the team has to make that will greatly impact the future of this organization. That first-round pick might just be the key to one or more of those decisions.

Now, as for the current roster, the Falcons have some guys they need to part ways with, while others should definitely be brought back. Let's break it down and identify two players from each category, starting with the guys who should not be back in 2024.

Taylor Heinicke should be released

The quarterback position is obviously the most talked-about spot for the Falcons right now, and for good reason. This is a team that's going to be searching for a starter in hopes to replace both Taylor Heinicke and Desmond Ridder.

But, they'll still need a backup. And, at this stage in the game, the Falcons are far more committed to Ridder after having invested a third-round pick in him two years ago. Ridder is a highly capable backup quarterback and still has two years left on his rookie deal, making him valuable.

Heinicke, meanwhile, can be cut with a $6 million savings. Atlanta would be wise to take that opportunity and the extra cap space to work with. There is no reason to keep three quarterbacks on the roster, especially when Ridder is as capable a backup as you can find. Moving on from Heinicke makes sense both financially and for the player, himself, to be able to find another backup gig.