Atlanta Falcons: Predicting defensive stat leaders for 2023

Predicting who will lead the Atlanta Falcons in each major defensive stats for the 2023 NFL Season
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Interceptions: Jessie Bates III

The Atlanta Falcons are hoping to see an uptick in interceptions in 2023 after having just ten in 2022. Part of their formula to force more interceptions was signing Jessie Bates who has 14 career interceptions since he entered the league in 2018.

Even though the Bengals have been a Super Bowl-contending team over the past two seasons, this Falcons secondary might be the best one he has been a part of in his career. What that should do is allow him to roam the field and take advantage of tipped passes.

Bates is the most logical choice for leading the Atlanta Falcons in interceptions. He is one of the most intelligent players in the NFL which will help him force those turnovers.