Atlanta Falcons: Predicting offensive stat leaders for 2023

Predicting who will lead the Atlanta Falcons in each major offensive statistics for the 2023 season
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Predicting the Atlanta Falcons offensive stats leaders in 2023

The Atlanta Falcons should see an uptick in nearly every offensive stat in the 2023 season. Their quarterback is better, their group of running backs are better, their offensive line should be better, and their group of pass catchers are improved.

Last year, Marcus Mariota led Atlanta in passing stats, Tyler Allgeier led them in rushing stats, and Drake London led them in receiving stats.

Hopefully, these stats will translate to more wins and a playoff berth. Here is a prediction for the leaders in each main offensive statistic.

Every QB stat: Desmond Ridder

Starting off with the most obvious selection; Desmond Ridder is the starting quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons and that shouldn't change at all, barring disaster.

Passing yards, passing touchdowns, completions, completion percentage, etc. will all be his in 2023. The only question is how many yards, touchdowns, and everything he will have. I certainly think that he can get close to 4,000 passing yards even in a run-heavy offense.

As for passing touchdowns, he could reach the 20 mark but it isn't likely that he will throw for much more than that.