Atlanta Falcons: Predicting offensive stat leaders for 2023

Predicting who will lead the Atlanta Falcons in each major offensive statistics for the 2023 season
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Carries, rushing yards, and rushing touchdowns: Bijan Robinson

Bijan Robinson is going to have a huge role in the Atlanta Falcons offense, no doubt about it. But do not count out Tyler Allgeier as he should be right on the heels of the rookie.

Bijan will likely lead in each of these categories because of his talent but I could see Allgeier leading the team in rushing touchdowns and possibly even carries.

Allgeier isn't likely to lead the team in rushing yards because he isn't a take-it-to-the-house runner; he is a run-you-over running back. Bijan should have plenty of explosive plays which will give him the lead in rushing yards.