Atlanta Falcons promising WR Jared Bernhardt retiring from NFL

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Jared Bernhardt was signed by the Atlanta Falcons as an intriguing, raw prospect who had made his name known in the game of Lacrosse.

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Initially, he seemed like a good story, but nothing more. At least until preseason hit and he started making plays with Desmond Ridder. He caught a game-winning touchdown in week one of the preseason against the Detroit Lions. It was an impressive catch that helped him make the final roster. However, his season ended prematurely with a groin injury, and now he has made the decision to retire from the NFL altogether.

Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Jared Bernhardt retiring from football

There was a small level of hype going into Jared Bernhardt's second season with the Atlanta Falcons. He is a receiver who showed consistent flashes last preseason but never recorded any statistics in the ten snaps he played during the regular season.

Many fans were gearing up to see what Bernhardt would do during his second season in the NFL, but now that excitement has vanished with his decision to retire from football. The Falcons have placed him on the reserve/retired list, meaning he is filing papers for his retirement.

Is it disappointing? Definitely, but I also think there was a little too much hype for a player who didn't have much experience under his belt. While I do believe he could have made an impact, it would have been a very minimal impact.

He is already 25 years old and didn't even play wide receiver during his lone season at Ferris State. He was a quarterback (albeit, a very productive QB) who obviously switched over to wide receiver for the Falcons. Sure, he made plays in the preseason, but that is in the preseason where you are competing against players who will be looking for a new job within a few weeks.

I am not saying he would have never been productive at the NFL level, nevertheless, expectations might have been too high. Now those expectations are on empty with his retirement. Possibly he could pull an Eddie Goldman and unretire in the near future, you never know.

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