Atlanta Falcons quarterback debate has a clear answer in week nine

Atlanta Falcons v Tennessee Titans
Atlanta Falcons v Tennessee Titans / Justin Ford/GettyImages

The Atlanta Falcons fanbase now has an even hotter quarterback debate that has gone back to this past off-season when the team chose to move forward with Desmond Ridder. The reasons to attempt to develop Ridder and build out your roster as the 49ers and Eagles have were clear and made sense for where this Atlanta Falcons roster was.

However, we are now eight games into the season and the one consistent trait for Desmond Ridder has been turnovers and letting winnable games slip away. Yes, if it were simply a debate of which quarterback is more talented there isn't a question.

Ridder can make throws that Heinicke simply isn't capable of and has a much higher upside as a runner. Despite this Taylor should be this team's starter moving into week nine as they face what should be considered a must-win.

Sitting at 4-4 on the season your season is yet again on the brink and in each of the last two seasons what Smith has failed to do is adjust. Now with a better roster and far more winnable division, it is time to let Heinicke see if he can continue to play at the level we watched against the Titans.

Heinicke wasn't exact with his throws but moved the offense at a more consistent and higher level than we have seen from Ridder outside of the Houston game. Taylor was clearly the best quarterback on the Atlanta sideline and brought the run game to life.

The change was jarring and simply cannot be ignored despite how badly Arthur Smith wants Desmond Ridder to be the answer. Yes, Ridder is the more talented player and could still develop, however, what does Smith want to do this season give his team the best chance to win games or develop his young project quarterback?

Taylor clearly gave your team a chance to win in a game where the defense simply fell apart against Hopkins and Levis. Arthur Smith needs to take advantage of an easy schedule and a bad division and the best way to do that is to start your veteran quarterback and win games against two bad teams each of the next two weeks.

Each team has quarterback questions of their own and two wins put Atlanta back in the playoff discussion. Heinicke may not have Ridder's ceiling in either game but he can do what is needed to win both games without the risks that starting Desmond brings.