Atlanta Falcons quarterback Kirk Cousins in clearly the GOAT in one category

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For the first time in three years, the Atlanta Falcons have some future stability at the quarterback. Atlanta signed Kirk Cousins to a four-year $180 million dollar deal with $100 million guaranteed. The deal may give fans some understandable sticker shock it was the right decision for the franchise.

While Kirk Cousins isn't going to make you a day one Super Bowl contender the veteran was the best option on the market and Atlanta's clearest path back to the playoffs. While it was clearly the right move for the Falcons it is a further example of what Cousins has proven to be so elite at.

Kirk Cousins is the GOAT of cashing in as many times as possible when facing free agency. Whether it was playing on two franchise tags in Washington, any of his Vikings contracts, or now cashing in once again in Atlanta no one has been better at playing the game.

Cousins refused to settle in Washington twice betting on himself to play on the franchise tag and was rewarded twice by the Vikings and now by the Falcons. Kirk Cousins now has earned over $331-million in his career despite never being the best player at his position.

It truly is an impressive accomplishment for a player who has set up his family and made the most of his career. Kirk Cousins shouldn't be faulted for beating billionaires at their own game and continually finding ways to get the most out of his career.

While it may set up the veteran for harsher criticism it is the right move and what many of us would do if put in the same situation. Two things can be true, Kirk Cousins can be a historically overpaid player and he can still be the perfect fit for the Falcons.

One doesn't offset the other the Falcons' desperation at the position won out and they made the move structuring the contract as top-heavy. This deal is going to be excapable after the first two seasons meaning if Cousins fails in Atlanta it isn't going to harm the franchise long term.

No question this is a win for both the Falcons and the GOAT of cashing in on free agency in Kirk Cousins.