4 quarterbacks not named Russell Wilson the Falcons could target

Maybe Atlanta goes after the soon-to-be ex-Bronco, or maybe they go a different route.
Atlanta Falcons, Russell Wilson
Atlanta Falcons, Russell Wilson / Perry Knotts/GettyImages
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4. Justin Fields via trade

Maybe the biggest splash the Falcons could make, this offseason, is by acquiring current Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields. The Bears are in the same situation they found themselves in a year ago: holding the no. 1 pick in the draft and having to decide whether or not to trade it.

If the Bears stick with the pick and draft USC's Caleb Williams, then we will have already seen a Fields trade happen before Draft Day. For a while now, the Falcons have been seen as a perfect landing spot.

Fields is one of the best rushing quarterbacks this league has ever seen, and his career only began three years ago. However, the questions have remained as to whether or not he will ever be a consistent passer. Reading the field and making quicker decisions is where he needs to improve.

But, there is no denying the fact that this offense could be electric with Fields under center. The read-option possibilities are a lot of fun to think about between he and Bijan Robinson. And, although Fields was a first-round pick not too long ago, he would likely cost a second-round selection, according to a report earlier this month.

Whether or not you buy that, I think it's well-worth the Falcons considering trading a Day 2 pick for Fields.