3 quarterbacks the Falcons should target (and 2 they shouldn't) in 2024

Atlanta has to get the quarterback position right next year, but will it happen?

Atlanta Falcons, Justin Fields
Atlanta Falcons, Justin Fields / Todd Kirkland/GettyImages
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Target: Justin Fields via trade

The past few weeks, you may have seen more and more rumors circling around Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields. Those rumors have focused on two specific teams, the Pittsburgh Steelers and these Falcons.

There have also been reports about the Bears needing to be "blown away" by another quarterback if they were to move on from Fields next offseason. Those reports could lead us to believe that Chicago wants to keep him around, but then again, the NFL world is used to seeing smoke. And, that's what this could be: smoke.

If the Bears wind up with the no. 1 pick thanks to Carolina (and it's very likely at this point) they could pull the trigger on USC quarterback Caleb Williams. If that ends up being the plan, then Fields would have been traded prior to the draft ... to Atlanta, maybe?

Like Jayden Daniels, Fields is a walking, talking big play waiting to happen. He's already one of just three quarterbacks to rush for over 1,000 yards in a single season and has shown drastic improvement as a passer this season. Pairing him with the weapons in Atlanta could mean big, big things for this offense.