Ranking the top 5 Falcons quarterbacks of all-time

Number 1 should be a given, but how about the rest?
Atlanta Falcons, Matt Ryan
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4. Chris Chandler

Number four and number five can be argued one way or another, but the reason Chris Chandler is higher than Miller comes down to a few key areas. First of all, Chandler has a higher career completion percentage (58.7 versus 54.0). He also has a higher yards per attempt over his career, with 7.5 versus Miller's 6.0. That's a huge difference.

Chandler also has a higher career quarterback rating (87.4 versus 74.7 for Miller). The last, and some would argue a non-important stat, is career wins. Chandler went 34-33 while Miller went 23-43. That's a big difference in overall winning percentage, which Chandler has a mighty upper hand in.

After being a third-round pick back in 1988, Chandler played for five different teams before joining Atlanta in 1997. Chandler was drafted by the Indianapolis Colts, but then went on to play for Bucs, Cardinals, Rams and Oilers before his stint with Atlanta.

Chandler's two best seasons as a pro came with the Falcons, in 1997 and 1998 when he was voted to the Pro Bowl. That '98 season saw the Falcons go 13-1 under Chandler starting, finishing 14-2 overall and winning the division. Chandler is only about 800 yards behind Miller on the career passing list, having thrown for 13,268 yards, 87 touchdowns and 56 picks.