3 reasons Jim Harbaugh is a better hire for Falcons than Bill Belichick

Should Atlanta favor one over the other?

Atlanta Falcons, Jim Harbaugh
Atlanta Falcons, Jim Harbaugh / Aaron J. Thornton/GettyImages
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3. Harbaugh has played the quarterback position and understands it better than most

If you look around the league at some of the more recent successes in terms of coaches, coordinators and assistants, there are a lot of former quarterbacks in these positions. That is the way the league is trending.

Because this is a passing league, you have to have the quarterback position figured out if you're going to succeed. Obviously, the Falcons' greatest need, at the moment, is under center. Whomever the Falcons end up with as their starting quarterback for 2024, chances are, they won't be a proven, franchise quarterback.

The only way that happens is if Atlanta somehow gets Kirk Cousins.

Otherwise, you're looking at trade options including Justin Fields and Jimmy Garoppolo, along with top prospects in the draft. But, who knows if Atlanta is willing and ready to trade up for one of the top passers in this class.

Harbaugh was an NFL quarterback. He played for 14 years. He has experience developing quarterbacks and knows how to get the most out of them. Belichik, on the other hand, has only had proven success with one quarterback for his entire head coaching career.