Atlanta Falcons: Recent roster move proves Kyle Pitts is fully recovered

After releasing Jonnu Smith, it appears like the Atlanta Falcons have full faith that TE Kyle Pitts is fully healthy.

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Kyle Pitts has had a tough couple of years after a fabulous rookie season. He has dealt with terrible quarterback play, lack of usage, and a nasty knee injury that has taken a long time to recover from.

With that being said, it appears like the Atlanta Falcons are fully confident that Kyle Pitts is back and fully healthy after their decision to release Jonnu Smith.

Atlanta Falcons releasing Jonnu Smith means Kyle Pitts is ready to dominate

We had questions answered on Tuesday afternoon when it was announced that the Atlanta Falcons were going to release tight end Jonnu Smith after a solid year in 2023.

Considering where new offensive coordinator Zac Robinson came from, it is easy to assume that the Falcons won't be running a lot of two tight end sets—which differs greatly from last year.

Robinson's system will deploy a lot of 11 personnel (1 RB and 1 TE). This means that having depth at tight end is mandatory like it was with Arthur Smith's scheme.

With that being said, keeping Jonnu Smith around would have given Robinson a nice rotational option if Pitts needed to be on a snap count.

If Kyle Pitts wasn't ready to go out and be a top target in the new scheme then the Falcons wouldn't have released Jonnu Smith. With them doing so, it shows that they have the utmost faith that Pitts is ready to play 70% or more of the offensive snaps.

This is an offensive scheme that is going to use a lot of the same packages, especially at the top of the wide receiver and tight end depth charts. Expect to see an increase in workload for both Drake London and Kyle Pitts.


Safe to say, if you hated Arthur Smith's scheme then you should be happy. The offense is going to have a complete reversal in offensive strategy.

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