Atlanta Falcons release undrafted rookie quarterback Austin Aune

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The Atlanta Falcons made a myriad of fringe roster moves at the end of this week with the most interesting one being releasing undrafted rookie Austin Aune. Aune was signed in May as a project quarterback perhaps with the hope he could compete for the third quarterback role with veteran Logan Woodside.

Due to the ugly playoff game between the 49ers and Eagles the NFL has added an unofficial roster spot for an emergency quarterback. This is huge for the league considering it will extend many careers and give depth to injury-prone starters.

Atlanta clearly is moving forward with Desmond Ridder as their starter and Taylor Heinicke as the emergency option. Veteran Logan Woodside who has a history with Arthur Smith was added as well at the end of last season when Marcus Mariota was benched and opted to leave the team.

Woodside is clearly the obvious choice as the third quarterback option, however, Aune would have been an interesting wildcard to watch throughout camp and the preseason. The fact Atlanta moved on as quickly as they did tells you everything you need to know for an older rookie who spent time in the minor leagues before returning to football.

Atlanta has the best quarterback situation in the NFC South and this move doesn't do anything to change that. While it would be more fun to have an unknown as Atlanta's third option or a possible contributor that can run specific packages staying with Woodside is the safe move.

While Logan is far from an NFL starter he is a reliable emergency option and clearly viewed favorably by Arthur Smith and the Atlanta front office considering the type of players they are targeting. Cutting Austin Aune was likely inevitable but considering how quickly it happened it would be surprising not to see Atlanta add at least one wildcard at the position before camp.