Atlanta Falcons remain a fit for this former New York Giants receiver

New York Giants v Minnesota Vikings
New York Giants v Minnesota Vikings / Stephen Maturen/GettyImages

The Atlanta Falcons' lack of depth at receiver has been well covered. With a myriad of possible signings or trade targets to fix this issue one of the more interesting possible fits is former New York Giant Kenny Golladay.

Golladay had two great seasons with the Lions before an injury-shortened season led to Kenny signing with the Giants. Golladay lasted only two seasons with the Giants unable to make the expected impact and falling out of favor and out of the rotation completely by the end of his tenure.

The only concern for the Falcons is if this is indicative of a larger issue or simply one bad situation in New York. Kenny fits the profile of the typical receiver in Arthur Smith's offense as well as being a great buy-low option for a team that needs to attempt to find cheap depth.

At this point in the off-season even if Golladay isn't an impact player Atlanta can likely add the receiver for a no-risk deal they can escape if the move fails.

Kenny has two seasons with more than 1,000 yards and finished with 11 touchdowns in the 2019 season as an elite option. It is concerning that this level of production not only disappeared but that Golladay wasn't even able to hold onto a contributing role despite a large contract.

While this is obviously a concern there isn't an option in free agency for Atlanta that doesn't come with a red flag. Whether it is age, production, injuries, or off-the field concerns every receiver left on the market is going to come with a level of risk.

Golladay has that risk but has the highest upside as well as a receiver that was playing at a number-one level before parting ways with the Lions at the end of the 2020 season.