Atlanta Falcons reportedly giving teams a chance to trade in top-ten

NFL Combine
NFL Combine / Stacy Revere/GettyImages

The Atlanta Falcons are reportedly shopping the 8th overall pick looking for a chance to move down. This doesn't come as a surprise for a team that wants to keep their options open. After a big offseason in free agency, the team needs more depth pieces than they do a top-ten pick.

If they can draft a first-round edge rusher while adding a day-two pick it will be considered a win. While the team is shopping the first-rounder is doesn't mean a deal will get done. Terry Fontenot has been very deliberate in his moves and trading out of the top ten certainly qualifies as one of the bigger decisions the GM will have made.

As mentioned above the Rams are an interesting possibility. Another team that you could look at is the Raiders attempting to move past the Vikings and Broncos in the quarterback process. The Broncos are an option as well for this same reason.

The Vikings are only three picks away from Atlanta and it is hard to believe the team could get worthwhile value to move back three slots. With Verse and Latu both appearing to fall into the mid-late teens it would benefit Atlanta more to charge a higher price and move back a bit further.

Fontenot has a history of making surprise draft selections as well leaving it completely on the table that the team stays in their current position and considers another weapon for Kirk Cousins. It would be the wrong decision if Dallas Turner is still on the board. However, it is hard to pass up on the idea of adding Malik Nabers or Brock Bowers to this current offense.

No question this draft is set up to be one of the more entertaining events that we've had in the last decade with smoke screens and trade rumors all now in full force.