Atlanta Falcons rumors around Cordarrelle Patterson should be ignored

Arizona Cardinals v Atlanta Falcons
Arizona Cardinals v Atlanta Falcons / Kevin C. Cox/GettyImages

The Atlanta Falcons aren't trading fan-favorite utility player Cordarrelle Patterson despite rumors that suggest otherwise. Patterson has been the subject of more than one rumor or trade suggestion that all come from the same idea that Atlanta will move on from the veteran after drafting Robinson.

This logic is ignoring the fact that Arthur Smith's system needs three active backs and Patterson is needed in other roles as well. Aside from being a great kick returner the veteran played receiver often during his first season with Atlanta and did so at a very high level.

With nothing but question marks on Atlanta's depth chart at the position and the obvious need a running back there is zero reason to believe Atlanta would ship away a productive player.

If the Falcons made a trade it would be to add talent to make more of a playoff push not parting ways with a very important part of the offense. Arthur Smith has continually talked about how he views the offense and doesn't label or put positions on players based on traditional roles.

Patterson is the best example of that and is yet another example of sports media not paying close enough attention to what is actually happening with the franchise. Glancing at the depth chart makes it easy to believe that perhaps Atlanta would part ways with the veteran after drafting Bijan.

For those that have watched the Falcons closely, however, it is obvious how much this player means both on and off the field to Atlanta. Trading Patterson would be a huge mistake and one that clearly would push back against Atlanta's obvious intentions to make a run at the division and playoffs this season.

Losing Patterson isn't an option for a franchise that already has a questionable depth chart after their star playmakers.