Falcons Rumors: 5 dark horse Arthur Smith replacements if he's fired

Atlanta Falcons, Arthur Smith
Atlanta Falcons, Arthur Smith / Edward M. Pio Roda/GettyImages
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2. Ken Dorsey

Before he was fired by the Buffalo Bills, Ken Dorsey was actually a name to watch when it came to head coaching conversations. The former offensive coordinator had led the Bills to being a top-10 unit two years running prior to his firing.

Now, most would guess that Dorsey takes on another offensive coordinator position and proves his worth, once more, before he gets a shot as a head coach. But, the Falcons could simply bypass that step and take their chances with Dorsey.

In Buffalo, Dorsey was clearly not the problem. The Bills have other issues on both sides of the ball and when it comes to decision-making from head coach Sean McDermott. Dorsey learned under Brian Daboll, now in New York, who is also a bright offensive mind.

Bringing Dorsey to Atlanta might also mean he could bring a couple of his former colleagues from Buffalo along with him, should the Bills go through some major changes next offseason. Again, the Bills' problem did not lie within Dorsey's abilities or inabilities, regardless of what the Buffalo organization wants us to believe. He'd be a great hire, should Atlanta want an up-and-coming offensive mind.