Falcons Rumors: 5 dark horse Arthur Smith replacements if he's fired

Atlanta Falcons, Arthur Smith
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4. Zac Robinson, Passing Game Coordinator/Quarterbacks Coach, Los Angeles Rams

Look around the league at some of the better offensive-minded head coaches. Kyle Shanahan and Sean McVay come to mind, right away. These guys have offensive coordinators and other assistants below them, but we all know who is responsible for calling the plays. It's McVay and McDaniel. However, the coaches beneath them also might be ready to take the jump into head coaching.

it might sound crazy, but Zac Robinson could be a guy to watch when it comes to making that jump, even bypassing a coordinator position. As a former player, and only 37 years old, Robinson could be one of the next young head coaches to succeed in this league.

Having spent his entire coaching career with the Rams, coaching wide receivers and quarterbacks, Robinson knows McVay's system well and likely has a good idea of what he'd like to run if given that much power. Even this year, with a banged-up Matthew Stafford and not having a fully healthy Cooper Kupp, the Rams' offense has looked better than expected.

McVay knows what he's doing, and the guys around him are well-worth plucking from. Robinson is certainly an under-the-radar guy in terms of head coaching opportunities and will likely become a coordinator first. But, he's also been talked up quite a bit by McVay and absolutely has a bright future.