Atlanta Falcons season is finally here with rookies reporting

Atlanta Falcons rookies reported to camp on July 18th marking the start of the season for Atlanta. One with far more expectations considering the off-season full of upgrades.
NFLPA Rookie Premiere Portrait Session
NFLPA Rookie Premiere Portrait Session / Michael Owens/GettyImages

Yesterday marked the start of the Atlanta Falcons season with rookies reporting to camp. This includes Bijan Robinson and Matthew Bergeron who are both expected to be starters for the Falcons this season. Atlanta's roster as a whole will report to camp in less than a week with July 25th opening up the season for the entire roster.

Atlanta's first open practice will be on July 27th and offer fans their first look at this newly built roster. Though week one still remains more than a month away this marks the start of the football season and the first real highlights and football we've had from the Falcons since January.

Atlanta's preseason games should hold special interest as well considering both the quarterback situation and the myriad of new additions on this roster. Atlanta's first preseason game will be on August 11th against the Miami Dolphins.

While the preseason quickly loses its charm outside of watching positional battles it is a milestone Atlanta fans look forward to nonetheless. The Bengals and Steelers will complete Atlanta's preseason lineup before the team makes final cuts and looks toward their home opener against the Carolina Panthers on September 10th in Atlanta.

Few Atlanta Falcons seasons in the last half-decade have felt as hopeful as this one. With a rebuilt defense, coaching staff, and a star running back added in Bijan Robinson this team's ceiling is the highest it has been since the 2017 season.

While the quarterback position will determine a lot in how far they can go it is a roster that is built to win double-digit games even with an average level of quarterback play. Starting with a rookie class that is now reported to camp and has marked the start of what should be an exciting 2023 Atlanta Falcons season.